Allan Metts has over 20 years of systems engineering and software development experience, and has directed the development of market-leading solutions for the telecommunication and transportation industries. Prior to forming Arcato Global, Allan was the Vice President of Technology at AirSage -- where he architected and directed the implementation of an innovative approach to producing real-time traffic information (using signaling information from CDMA and GSM cellular phones instead of traditional sensors).

Allan has established highly-productive software development centers in three different countries, and has engineered telecommunications applications that process hundreds of millions of events each day. He holds a Bachelor of Electrical Engineering degree from Georgia Tech, a MBA from Georgia State University, and has held several engineering and financial management positions at BellSouth (now AT&T).

Allan takes a hands-on approach to technology challenges, so don't be surprised to find him writing C++ code, setting up Linux-based web servers, or assisting programmers with a new design. He is also a talented writer, musician, photographer, and audio engineer -- and is published regularly in the pages of national magazines such as Electronic Musician and Mix.

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