Hi all guys,
I am a Web/software developer from Italy, born in Sicily, and a Computer Science Masters Graduate of 2007 at University of Pisa, and an open source enthusiast with great interest in Web-related issues and Web x.0. I currently live in Groningen, the Netherlands, where I work as a Web/Software developer.

I can provide a valid and thorough knowledge of Web-oriented programming languages such as Perl, Python, PHP and JavaScript and other Web techniques, tool and applications such as CSS, XML, HTML, AJAX, MooTools, Prototype, MVC programming, Apache, MySQL and PostgreSQL. I have also had a three-month internship experience with Java (Servlet programming & Java 2 Micro Edition).

I discovered about Django on early 2008 as I was searching for a performance-driven and easy-to-use MVC framework (or MTV, Model-Template-View, according to Django's way of thinking). I think it is a great open source solution for medium-sized and large Web application, and it is a shame it is not as popular as it should be. I used Django to develop and maintain Triplander.com (http://www.triplander.com), a collector/retriever of travel and city information and a spare time project of mine. You can contact me at angelo[dot]romano(at)gmail[dot]com.

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