My name is FRANCISCO RAMÓN BENAVIDES GONZALEZ, hapilly married with the most beautifully, good, and wise woman that God made just for me, Itzel Torres. We have two children, a boy 15 years old, Rodrigo, and Alyssa 1 year and 8 months.

I'm an electronics Engineer, graduated on December 1994 at Instituto Tecnologico de Nuevo Laredo, one of the finest schools in electronics engineering in the country, at that time.

I was born on December 28th, 1969 in Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas, México. For various reasons due to my fathers work, we lived in several cities and towns in the north of México, until we ended up in Saltillo, Coahuila, México. In this city I did my secondary school as a technician in tool-machines and later on studied high school as an electronics technician. I moved back to Nuevo Laredo to study my Engineering degree.

My work experience started as a practitioner for General Motors in Ramos Arizpe, Coahuila, México; where I dedicated myself to verify the data on an inventory control system for the motors and assembly plants. Later on I worked briefly in Chrysler Derramadero, where I was the responsible for the areas of muds, ovens, and hydro-pneumatic painting arms. I traveled to Norway and Germany to specialize in the ABB hydro-pneumatic painting arms and DÜRR paint turbo-bells.

Later on I started working for Ericsson Telecom R&D in Saltillo; this allowed me to travel to the USA, Canada, Germany, Sweden and Denmark; I participated in different world wide projects, working mostly in the last years with C/C++ and TTCN-2 living at times for weeks or months in Sweden. In Ericsson I worked for a little less than 8 years, enjoying my work and passion for developing new systems.

When Ericsson re-structured and closed Ericsson Saltillo, I went to work to Nuevo Laredo for two years, in a small IT services company with a friend, it didn't work, so I changed jobs.

I ended up as team leader for Softtek, providing support services as a subcontractor for General Electric where I was responsible for an in-house Visual C++ application which helped generate the pay checks for more than 8 thousand employees apart from concentrating the data to sum the earnings of the electricity generating machines division. I lasted too little, I stabilized the operation and moved on to R&D.

I joined Ericpol, a Polish transnational Telecom company, that mainly provides support services for Ericsson world wide; I worked in Poland for several months participating in IN technology projects, supporting the verification process as the TTCN-3 tools support responsible, participated in creating a couple of IN node simulators built with TTCN; but this did not resulted in R&D, so I found a new job where I am currently working with open platform technologies which involved web services and technologies a like.

I travelled to Southafrica for a couple of weeks on training on the Django platform, which is used for a web services content solution. I am learning it and loving it.

I am an enthusiast of the Open Source project: Linux!!! Specially the variant known as Ubuntu and I am currently studying my MBA at the University of Phoenix.

I used to practice Tae Kwon Do and Aikido, and I did some mountain bike (which I would love to retake). I like to travel and enjoy the most I can of my family. I also like dogs and tough cats have never tolerated me, they some times also become good friends! ;)

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