A proficient Django developer for my personal projects and can offer consulting and development help depending on my availability. Some examples of my projects include NOTforPlayers.com, CampusTreps.com, CampusFlirts.com of which NOTforPlayers.com was migrated from Drupal / PHP to Django / Python, so I am familiar with complexities related to site migration between frameworks and platforms.

I am also a DevOps guy familiar with application development and deployment in a scalable cloud environment. Familiar with deployment on AWS, use of Ansible and Docker containers. Also can set up a full HA cluster using kubernetes for docker containers.

I also have experience working in the IT industry as an Application Consultant, Solutions Architect and Database Consultant. Familiar with best practices in ITIL, Enterprise Architecture frameworks, solutioning and implementing high-availability systems. As a performance tuning expert I have the ability to sniff out opportunities in optimizing application code / design and evaluate infrastructure configuration for maximum performance and availability.

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