I’m an American from Washington, DC, living in Gothenburg, Sweden. My background is venture finance in the media and communications space. I bring vision, passion, creativity, strategy, business, marketing, operations, finance, capital-raising, and legal experience to the table. I am the founder and angel investor of BuzzPal and I’m looking to connect with other startups, founders, developers, and designers. I am especially looking for:

YOU (general):

Active and experienced member of the open source community who is interested new people and projects.

YOU (specific):

Can work on an hourly basis (to start), paid weekly if you want, to gather requirements and begin work on a new website design and development process (new website based on old website, but with new features, improved features, better usability, clean Web 2.0 GUI, AJAX).

We probably want to start with the visual design and user interface/interactions before doing any coding, but I am flexible and open to your suggestions and preferences.

I am really looking for the project’s Lead Developer and Co-founder, but without:

a) you knowing more about this project and me, and
b) us knowing more about each other and if we click

it’s probably best to start as suggested above (hourly). Again, I am flexible and open to suggestions.

Please contact me to discuss.


We will bring in other people over time and as necessary since no one person can do it all (except Chuck Norris, but I think Google's already got him on retainer).


I have been studying everything from waterfall and PRINCE2 to SCRUM and XP. I feel agile methods and rapid iterations are most suitable for our project (and my personality). I am, however, open to your suggestions. You have more experience in application design and development, so you will naturally lead in such decisions. This is a team.

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