Astute technology enthusiast with more than 5 years of rich professional experience in analyzing requirements, writing
software, while meeting superior quality checks and deadlines

Expert skills in Python and Django/Flask framework with experience in end to end development and deployment

Responsible for gathering stringent requirements, designing specifications and programming software that execute
functionalities; extensive experience in web-frameworks

Skilled in working in a cohesive unit to achieve software goals and extremely enthusiastic in planning work and
modularizing responsibilities to achieve scheduled software deliveries

MS in Advanced Software Engineering from the University of Sheffield, UK and B.E. (CS) from Maharashtra, India

Current Responsiblities:

Responsible for the Python Stack/ Tools used in Operations

Implementing an ETL data model, using google dataflow.

Developing Dockerized Applications using agile engineering processes

Maintaining/Enhancing/Adding features to the existing codebase

Writing automation scripts for syncing data between 3rd party apps

Writing REST compliant API`s to be served by different applications

Architecting and Optimizing some of the customer facing tools

Custom operational tools to provide internal users to perform various state machine transitions, without exposing core

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