Hello! I’m Daniel Gonzalez. My loves are technology, programming, economics, finance and entrepreneurship. FC Barcelona, body pump, internet and social activism are also always in my mind. Since I found myself not capable to startup anything 7 years ago, I decided to follow the predefined path for a fresh baked computer engineer: grow yourself first in consultancy. So I digged into IT Consultancy from small corporate IBM-Partner consultant to multinational huge corporation, ending up in a medium size company somewhere between IT Consultant and Startup, where I discovered the magic of creating ideas, concepts, products – and the unmagical of failure.

Moving back to my primal thought of being entrepreneur, I again found myself a complete ignorant in business matters. So while deciding to leave my comfortable and quite exciting job with fantastic people and colleagues I started my MBA in on world top rated MBA non-US College. I dived into accounting, finance, corporate finance, operations, marketing… and I made the “rollup” of everything I learned the 6 past years in all fields in BABSON College, Boston, staying in Massachusetts my last 6 MBA candidate months making a deep entrepreneurship intensification.

We (me and my team) won the Growth Companies Award in the International Entrepreneurs Fair BizBarcelona. It was a very hot day in Barcelona, as hot as every day June use to be in my city, we decided to step forward. After being finalists in several national startups contests ending up everything in SeedRocket Barcelona, where we got both the award (oh really?) and finally access to BA networks and seed Capital. We founded Infantium Developing Minds: http://www.infantium.com

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