Hello, World.

I’m mostly interested in Machine Learning: Statistical Inference, Logic Programming, Automated Theorem Proving, Hayek Machines, and the other associated bits of technology that transform computers into useful machines. I’ve published a paper on some observations about the tendencies of co-evolution in IEEE/OSID.

I’ve done a lot of programming in a lot of programming languages, Smalltalk, Java, C++, C#, Prolog, Lisp, D, Ocaml… and ruby.

My past work includes setting up automated regression tests for DivX.com (makers of my favorite video codec), working with a team of grad students on a cancer detection neural network (update: now deployed in hospitals!), and co-writing procore.com with the wonderful Yehuda Katz (who I recommend over myself assuming you can get him and you’re only looking for one employee :p).

I’m also very interested in learning from you, talking philosophy, etc. if you’re interested in chatting email me!

Other Interests: Evolutionary Psychology, Economics, Mathematics

Activities: Go, Chess, Poker, Lights Off

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