Josiah Young
Senior Web Application Architect
Eugene & Portland Oregon, USA

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Skype == digitaldavinci1618

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Over 16 years experience in multi-platform software development, web applications, and system administration, with practices in scalability, security, performance, and elegant solutions for complex real-world problems.

Affinity for Machines, Creative, Professional, Self-motivated, Honest, Hardworking, Quick Learning

Excellent at translating complex ideas in a clear, straight forward manner.

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# languages & pseudo languages
[ Python, PHP, HTML, CSS, HAML, ZenCode, JavaScript, XML, Java, C++, Assembly, Perl, bash ]

# frameworks & libraries
[ Django/Django non-rel, jQuery, Twisted, Dojo, 960 grid, YUI, Blueprint ]

# databases
[ MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Redis, SQLite, RRD Tool ]

# platforms
[ Amazon Web Services, Google App Engine, RackSpace Grid Containers, XEN Hypervisor, CentOS, RedHat, Gentoo, Ubuntu, Windows, OSX ]

# other tools
[ Apache, WordPress, Plone, Nagios, Subversion, Git, ReCaptcha, VERA Trace, Citrix ]

# processes
[ SCRUM, Agile Development, Massively Scalable Design, Google Maps, Facebook Apps, PayPal & Google Checkout, Arduino Embedded Programming ]

/* selected professional experience */

Constructed financial processing server applications for Inmar, the 2010 winner of Amazon Developer Challenge for setting the fastest transaction time record in the cloud. Customized code-base for clients such as Rite Aid, Walmart, and Hillers [ Inmar ]

Set up Electronic Medical Records System hosted in the United States for a hostpital in Hati, enabling over 20,000 patients faster access to their critical medical data. [ Private Non-Profit Funding ]

Rescued's development team from being severely over budget and behind schedule, rewriting badly designed code, and adding new functionality. [ ]

Monitored and maintained 1600+ servers across five data centers by general administration of Operations dept. and ad-server machines. This involved rolling restarts and ad-server version upgrades of all data centers, week long 24 hour rotating pager shifts, writing hundreds of sys-admin scripts, constructing many enterprise-scale monitoring and control tools, and a custom metrics collection architecture. [ Right Media Yahoo ]

Designed and constructed throw away prototype web application for non-profit to help consumers find businesses that support a healthy economy and environment. A Throw away prototype was chosen due to limited funds, in order to attract funding. [ ]

Constructed enterprise-scale web-based interface to the real time monitoring and metrics system. [ Right Media Yahoo ]

Constructed web-based data-center visualization tool that displays the status of each of the ad-servers core components graphically for quick error-condition identification. [ Right Media Yahoo ]

Constructed main Right Media ad-server Network Operations Control web interface containing real-time server generated graphs of key ad-server metrics and external network response times with data integrated from an outside partner. [ Right Media Yahoo ]

Constructed web based graphing tool that transforms epic amounts of available real-time metrics data into flexible information views of Right Media data-centers. [ Right Media Yahoo ]

Programmed and maintained hundreds of custom data parsers pulling and translating IDX data from hundreds of sources, identifying and merging the data into IDX Inc.'s main data store for aggregated serving of data. [ IDX Broker Inc. ]

Fixed bugs and furthered development on IDX Brokers real estate integration web application. [ IDX Broker Inc. ]

Participated in the hiring/interviewing of team members in the operations department. [ Right Media Yahoo ]

Configured and maintained monitoring system, writing new active and passive plug-ins to add monitoring of custom in-house systems and infrastructures at the request of various I.T. Departments. [ Right Media Yahoo ]

Constructed some of the first e-commerce software in the world (1995, MFC) for Costco & International Trade Group utilizing fax communication to place orders and a cdrom database of products, as the Internet was not residentially wide spread in the U.S. at that time. [ ClipperNet ]

/* selected experience company overview */

[ Right Media Yahoo, Inmar,, IDX Broker Inc,, ClipperNet ]

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