He is a Full-stack Engineer & Product Manager who takes an idea right through to execution including team-building, architecture, through to the hardware infrastructure and Business intelligence stack. Worked with most of the industry frameworks in production and at scale! Has architect-ed large scale web platforms, has a solid DevOps background, strong understanding of scalability, performance, optimization and availability. Has built teams at worked with existing ones to reorient them to new challenges.

Written a book on Nginx, which is a state of the art open source web server used by many sites world over. This book has sold over 2000 copies and been translated to Korean as well. Has undertaken workshops and training's as well.

Worked on many sites such as http://tradus.com, http://slideshare.net as early stage engineering staff.

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blog: http://desinerd.com/

#django IRC: doom2quake

GTalk: dipankar.sarkar

Jabber: dipankarsarkar@gmail.com

MSN: dipankar.sarkar@live.com

Y!IM: doom2quake

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