DM social software is a business and software consulting firm specializing in Django-based, mobile and infrastructure related projects. We work on nearly all parts of the internet stack and our model is to solve problems before they occur for the client. We have also undertaken internet marketing as a challenge for our clients and excelled at the same.

We have built custom satchmo shops & Django ERP software as well. - Satchmo ecommerce - Satchmo ecommerce - Custom tailoring ERP

Worked on a competitor with Useware technologies [Now AgileIQ].

Worked with Kaasu ventures on Mosambe[], a futuristic job site for the indian market. We also developed a push email solution under 24 hours as a part of the Proto challenge called Tincup []

Worked on Drupal sites, a product called Smart campaigner [] and a recommendation engine for Review agent [] using Apache mahout with Srijan technologies.

We have also worked with Educomp and helped them with their internet marketing services[& student lead generation] for Eten courses. The marketing sites and other sister sites have been developed by us.

We have provided Project management services for the hiring tool[] and helped them get their site in shape. We also helped them develop an API in the process. The are a .NET based web application.

We work on all kinds of python, PHP, Ruby, .NET frameworks from concept to final production deployment. We have experience in running cloud-based SaaS products as well.

We have experience in setting up private clouds using openstack and believe that is the path forward for enterprise computing resource management going forward.

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