I specialize in highly customized Django development projects.

I am available for remote consulting jobs and in-person gigs at nearby locations (WI and neighboring states, possibly).

Past Django projects have included:

- Incremental upgrade for a Django based website from 1.4 to 2.1. Included additional tests, plugin replacements, code cleanup, python upgrades, credit card processing upgrades, and documentation updates.

- Initial development of an AWS based Django and Django Rest Framework (DRF) app for dairy farm management.

- Multiple Stripe credit card implementations of varying sorts (product sales, subscriptions, and fulfillment).

- Membership management and billing for a local roller derby league.

- Kickstarter-clone for a company rolling out their own hardware product, including shipping/fulfillment.

Please reach out if you have an interesting or challenging project. I am always excited to see the new and exciting projects my clients bring forward.

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