BS in computer science, 20+ years of software engineering & database development, 16 years of Python development experience.

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Last revised: 24 Oct 2018

Dmitry V Selitsky


Software Engineer with 19 years professional experience.
Areas of expertise include: Web back-ends, software/data integration, Web development, database design, Python development, distributed web crawling & scraping.
Work well independently and within a result oriented team, able to view software through the eyes of the end-customer. Self-starter with minimal amount of instructions and supervision.

08.2016 - , Anveo Inc.
Project: NDA
Environment: Linux/distributed, MacOS
Tools: Python 3.7, twisted, redis, beanstalk, gevent, clickhouse, flask, docker
Role: Back-end/integration web developer
Integrated the system with the following (using REST/SOAP/XMLRPC APIs and/or web scraping) - ActiveCampaign, Amazon marketplace, Asana,, DropBox, Dynamics, IMAP, Evernote, Facebook, Flowdock, Fullcontact, sFTP, Google calendar/gmail/drive/sheets, Intuit GoToWebinar,, Hubspot, Jotform, InfusionSoft, Magento, Mailchimp, MongoDB, MySQL, Newegg,, Pipedrive, QuickBase, QuickBooks, Rakuten, Salesforce (SOQL, REST), Shopify, Skype (bots), Slack, SMTP, SugarCRM, Surveymonkey, Telegram (bots), Todoist, Tripadvisor, Twitter, Typeform, Unbounce, Viber, Wufoo, Xero, Yelp, Zoho CRM, ..

11.2015 - 09.2016,
Project: Hunting for pirated media
Environment: Linux, OSX
Tools: Python, BeautifulSoup
Role: Back-end web developer
Massive web scrapers

08.2015 - 12.2015,
Project: Hunting for ads
Environment: Linux
Tools: Python, PhantomJS
Role: Back-end web developer
Multi-threaded JS-rich web scrapers
02.2015 - 05.2015 ,
Project: Car Fleet Management - Vehicle tracking
Environment: Linux
Tools: Linux, Python, MongoDB, Django, PostGIS
Role: Back-end web developer

Dashboard development;
Enhance vehicle reporting utilizing geo-data (

11.2014 - 04.2015,
Project: Web crawling/scraping back-end & web services
Environment: Linux
Tools: Python, Redis, Flask, RESTful APIs, Tor, Google search
Role: Back-end web developer
Developed REST API
Implemented ditributed muli-node x multi-process web crawlers and scrapers

11.2013 - ,
Project: Automotive vehicles customer info
Environment: Linux
Tools: Python/Django, RESTful APIs, apache, wsgi, virtualenv, git, JSON, XML, SOAP, MySql, pandas, redis, bootstrap, ajax
Role: Back-end integration web developer

Architect REST API proxy service
Implemented several new integrations with partner systems
Implemented a dashboard using Django, Redis, Bootstrap, jQuery-AJAX tools
Implemented new site features

03.2012 - 03.2014,
Project: Reporting and Scraping for a Mobile Ads Mediator Burstly/Apple
Environment: Linux
Tools: Python/Django, web services, gevent, fabric, virtualenv, git, Github, nginx, gunicorn, JSON, XML, SOAP, south, tor, jira, supervisor, mysql
Role: Back-end Web developer
Done aggregation of ad networks' statistics
Implemented automatic Tor network involvement
Architect and prepare for high load asynchronous load balanced multi-node mode

12.2011 - 02.2012, startup
Project: Quote Roller -- proposal & quote management software as a service
Environment: Linux
Tools: Python/Django (fab, virtualenv), PostgreSQL, Mercurial, Bitbucket, Redmine, Selenium, Jenkins
Role: Web developer
Develop integration with and Highrise
Web UI development

2003 - 11.2011, IBA Group (CMMI L4, IBM's Premier Partner)
Project: Railway Industry Master Data Management (MDM, Reference Data) System.
Environment: Websphere AS 7.0, IBM DB2 8.2/9.5/federated with DB2 on zOS mainframe
Tools: ERwin, IBM Optim, Python scripting, Jython, Django, JavaScript/jQuery/AJAX, SAP JCO API
Role: Senior SW developer/architect, Team leader

Develop custom MDM system architecture
Develop data migration, conversion, cleansing, retrieval tools and processes (ETL)
Prototyped web front-end of MDM
Design database using Erwin and Python for DB scheme scripting
Design MDM integration facilities (SOA-style)
Develop SOAP client for testing MDM to SAP R/3 interoperation
Develop RFC client for SAP R/3 + MDM integration
Develop scheme- and data-level database testing tool
Integrated a Full Text Search (FTS) engine

2001 - 2003, IBA JV
Project: Railway Industry MDM System
Environment: Windows 2000, IBM DB2 UDB 7.2/8.2, Subversion, Trac, PowerDesigner, WS MQ
Role: Software/web/database developer, Team leader
Designed and implemented Web/XML-RPC front end to MDM system
Tools: Apache2, OOP Python 2.4, DB2 SQL ODBC, HTML, CSS, JavaScript
Developed WinNT service which retrieves data from MQ Series queues, parses it and writes into database. Tools: Visual C++, Win32 API, MQ API, embedded SQL, DB2 (triggers, stored procedures)
Developed client GUI application for MDM database users/operators using MS Visual C++, ADO, SQL, MFC, Roguewave/Stingray Studio.

2000 - 2001, IBA JV
Project: OS/390 Storage Management
Environment: OS/390 IBM Mainframe
OS/390 Storage Management administrative automation tasks. DFSMS, REXX, JCL

1999 - 2000 IBA JV
Project: IBM VM, OS/390 mainframe operator automation
Role: Application programmer
Tools: MS Visual C++ using IBM Personal Communications APIs; Borland Delphi (Win32 API, Windows shell API)
Developed GUI app, help system, packaging

1997 - 1999 R&D Institute of Automation Aids (NPO Agat), part-time
Project: Information Control System of National Forestry, workflow subsystem
Environment: Windows NT, Oracle 7.3 Server
Role: Application programmer
Tools: Borland Delphi Client/Server (ActiveX, QuickReports, BDE)

Designed and implemented bookkeeping GUI app

1999 - 2000 IBA JV postgraduate courses
OS/390 system administrator (MVS System architecture, Job management, RACF, TSO, ISPF, DFSMS)
1999, Belarusian State University of Informatics and Radio electronics, Minsk, Belarus
System engineering diploma (BS)

English: reading / reading computer texts / speaking intermediate / writing
Russian: native

Linux / macOS
Windows family
OS/390, zOS, OS/390 UNIX (user level)

C/C++ (till 2003)

Redis, MongoDB, ClickHouse
IBM DB2, MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite

IBM Websphere AS
HTTP, HTML, Python, Flask, Django, CSS, jQuery
Web-servers Nginx, Apache
Web services, RESTful, SOAP

Allfusion ERwin Data Modeler
IBM Opim
Sybase PowerDesigner
IBM MQ-Series (WebSphere MQ)
Quest Central for DB2
Jenkins CI
Subversion, Mercurial, Git

Year of birth: 1977
Citizenship: The Republic of Belarus
Skype: dvska-at-skype

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