EcommIT Labs (, is the off-shore development centre in India. We are an affordable software outsourcing company and mainly working for small and medium businesses and supports high- quality, cost effective application development and delivery processes.

Clients who need design, development and implementation expertise in an outsourced offshore model can rely on our experience in executing turn-key as well as module based projects. The main things that come under consideration when going for outsourcing are Communication, Timely Delivery and Price and we promise you the same.

Please find below a sampling of the engagements that we have been involved with under our Case Studies section. (

Our Django Development Services

EcommIT has a very good exposure to the web developments over a decade and particularly in Django for more than a year. We have delivered a very good volume of projects with in this period.
As we seen about the different kind of possibilities of Django developments/applications, we are mainly focused on 3 type of approach.

1.Custom application developments - We works with the client from the initial requirements detailing phase, through architecture design to implementation, deployment and testing. Based on the discussions and requirements from the client, we delivers project with high quality and performance.
2.Product Developments – Django can play a very good role in product developments. With the help of high degree of reusability through pluggable components, we can reduce the development time & cost up to 50% and hence make a very good products with more features in a fast track
3.Customization & enhancement of Django projects – Django is an open-source projects and there are many open-source applications like for Social networking, E-commerce, Content Management System built on Django. For the clients who have the same requirements with some enhancements, we can do customization and further developments on it.

EcommIT offers different kind of working models like Application Development, Dedicate Development Team, Flexible Software Teams and Staff Augmentation Services. Please read 'Our Services' section [] for more details.

We are experienced with django modules and features like Django-CMS, Django-Multilingual, Django-FlatPages, Django-SaasKit, Django-Photologue, Django-Menuse, Django-Treemenus, Django-Sitemap and customization & enhancement of Satchmo and Pinax projects

We offer you the full advantages of working with an outsourcing company at very affordable price as same as paying for an individual.  Since we have developers who are experts in different area like template, functionality, Database, QA etc it cover the all aspects of the developments of a Project. Hence it assure you the more reliable and quality result in a very affordable method. We can assign or manage our development team according to the demand and urgency from your side.

Better communications give easier solutions! Please share your needs with us that will help us to give you the better feasible solutions for your choice.

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