Thank you for viewing my profile.
I'm awful at selling myself, it gave me a headache just to write this text.

I spent the last four years writing web applications using open source technologies.
I suppose my forte is Python/Django since it is what I frequently use. I'm
probably better than average but certainly not on the level of Guido van Rossum or Jacob Kaplan-Moss.

I also have varying experiences in the following:

Database: MySQL, PostgreSQL
Frontend: HTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery, Bootstrap, AngularJS
Version Control: Git, Mercurial
OS: Ubuntu, CentOS
Deployment: Nginx, Ansible
Editor: vim, PyCharm
Others: Amazon Web Services, Vagrant, Test-Driven Development, Design Patterns, Refactoring

... and many more.

My skill level on most of these are on the jack of all trades level,
definitely not an expert. Those features that I use regularly are probably
engraved in my muscle memory while the others need looking up on references.
I have collections of best practices on these technologies which I had
gathered from reading on stackoverflow, blogs and lurking on IRC channels
whenever I'm not working (or not bonding with the wife and kid).

I excel in Math during my studies and won competitions. This skill helped
me a lot in solving programming challenges.

I can dedicate 40 hours per week spread around 8:00p-2:00a UTC+8 daily (longer/more time on

Please see the following links for my skill endorsements, work history and feedbacks:



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