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I always focused my career in web development and research, either front or back environments. I am also an indie video-games enthusiast and developer (as a hobby).

I can work very comfortably in LAMP environments, with the P standing in the same time for PHP, Python and PostgreSQL. I have experience with many web frameworks like Django and with some non-SQL database technologies.

I have also gathered lot of experience in system administration and scripting with CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu, AMI Linux, etc... Also, I have experience in service clusters management with Amazon Web Services (Cloud computing).

I proudly defend the right use of agile software design methodologies over the old fashioned complex ones. I also like agile management methodologies that let my choose my own time to work and solve the objectives.

My main work languages are Python and bash (C/C++ also when the things get serious). But I also like to work with a LOT more languages!

Because of my hobby, I have also knowledge in some of the areas involving videogame development (mainly design and production).


Web development and design
Complex back-end architectures
Fast information delivery

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