I started my webmaster "career" in 1997 with a website on which I published some poetries (kailegend.free.fr). Then I keep on improving it until I made my 3D graphics portfolio (http://kailegend.free.fr/Gelnior/home.html).

I built my first dynamic PHP site for my warcraft clan (online game) : news page and clan war score reports. Unfortunately, the page is actually dead. Then, I coded several static websites for restaurants of my neighborhood. Parrallely, I worked on a little dynamic webapp to share photo galleries with my classmates (not visible any more).

I finished my studies in 2005 with a master degree in computer science and artificial intelligence through which I learnt a lot about databases, data mining and web semantic.
After graduating, I started working as a consultant where I used my skills on one of my project whose the aim was to build a litlle PHP intranet app for EDF.

Finally, I came back at true webmastering with the dolebrai webradio by building its website (code, data model and design). There I self-learned to use django.

Today, I am still maintaining the Dolebrai website and have just started working on a social webapp based on Pinax.

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