Experienced (10y+) digital product maker.

I'm co-founder and CTO at a digital agency with the focus on building digital products (web, mobile, bots, VR).

In the last 10 years, I've managed to get a broad range of skills. Currently, I'm interested in building digital products for startups and businesses. Read below to see how I can help you.

Development skills

- Python & Django Web Framework (My weapon of choice)
- Golang (For networking, and high-performance services)
- Javascript (Vanilla, jQuery, React.js and number of other libraries)
- HTML5 / CSS3 (With fallbacks for older browsers)
- Automated testing (Detecting problems early)
- Continuous deployment (For automated updates)
- Git (For content repository)

Dev ops

- Amazon Web Services (Hosting + few other useful tools)
- Linux (Ubuntu)
- Ansible, Docker
- CDNs, SSL, VPN, and other acronyms.

Management skills

- Project management (making sure projects runs on time and within budget, agile way).
- Product management (making sure we don't build too much and we don't build crap).

Idea skills

- Wireframing (Taking concept into visual mockup).
- Prototyping (Building quick prototypes to see if users understand the product).
- Validating ideas (Checking with users if they want to use the product).

In total, in the past years, I worked on more than 100 projects. From small prototypes to Internet-of-Things monitoring systems.

Reach out if you need help with Django development or any other help with building digital products I'm always happy to help.

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