I have good expertise in python, django, javascript, jquery, MySQL/Postgres and linux, also i had worked with www.mixin.com its a high traffic social event management site, its fully developed in dajngo and jquery and www.2vouch.com its also a social network job search portal. I well knew the load balancing the application and database server and version control system like svn, git and mercurial. Currently i am developing a portal which deals the process pool, user can execute the scripts through the website and get the results and log files in email. In this project i am a only guy who designed the product and developed. If these experience are sufficient or met you requirement please give me a opportunity to work with your highly considerable organization.

**more than 3 years i have worked in python, django, MySQl/Postgres, jquery, svn, git and linux
** Skill Set
python, Django, MySQL/Postgres, apache, ngnix, javascript, jquery, extjs, yui, load balancing, memcache and Linux.

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PH: +91 9590-080-700
Mail: gnperumal@gmail.com

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