About Heath

Heath likes to assemble technologies.

He might make you a fine-fitting dovetail joint that becomes the corner of a cabinet for the tube guitar amplifier he'll build next. Then, he may present that amp to you at a gig and jam with you for a set. If the set goes well, you may need a high quality recording and website to promote your newfound passion.

Schooled in the 80's in electrical engineering and manufacturing, Heath spent most of the 90's in the printing industry, in electronic pre-press. As the web developed, and publishing moved to the internets, web programming became the natural course for his career. As in the printing industries moved to direct computer-to-print workflows in the early 2000's, Heath decided to shift from being an employee to being a vendor, and founded Brown Barn.

About Brown Barn Application Studios

BBAS was founded in 2004. Originally focusing on the burgeoning Adobe Flash market, Heath began programming data driven web portals for the display of dynamic content. With the massive success of Apple's iPhone, Heath began to focus on non-proprietary web standards, using the various open-source tools and LAMP type platforms. Finding PHP to be sorta sucky, he now favors the Python language. BBAS is currently passionate about creating Python based web apps that yield cross-platform (including mobile) CMSs, APIs, web sites and media information services.

BBAS specializes in problem solving. Bring us your problem, and we'll research and assemble the available technologies to turn your problem into an asset.
We can fix anything. Except broken hearts.

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