I've started at my school when I decided to become a programmer...

I've read a lot of book because there wasn't programming in my school. Firstly I wrote a game on Pascal there all the cycles where replace goto statement.

then I've started to learn cpp buildler and delphi.

I've graduated instiute with honors, because I really watned to become a software engeneer.

During my education I was invited to work for government. It was very interesting experience, but when I graduated I begin to search for a new job.

I've fail my first job interview. I've made a deal with my boss I work as intership (with no contract and guarantees) and my salary was only 800$ a mouth - vey small.

Then I showed that I was capable of. My salary and responsibilities became to grow.

That was a good experience too: this organization was agile and the structure was horizontal.

I despise big clumsy organizations. I want to work and build in effective teams and organizations.

I like hard tasks with limited time and resources. I'm obsessed with effectiveness, because lots of good programmers have big problems with that.

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