More than 5.5 years of good exposure to full software development lifecycle including design and analysis, programming, testing and  configuring with web servers and deploying applications (Apache2, lighttpd, modpython, modwsgi ). Development expertise primarily using Django and Python. Experienced in database schema design and SQL queries with MySQL and PostgreSQL.Implementation of CallCenter software using Asterisk Tool kit.

              Have been programming since 2007 in the domains Django,  Python,  Dojo (javascript toolkit), ExtJS, RDBMS (PostgreSQL, MySQL), CSS, Linux, Asterisk (Voip), Tropo (Telephony), PHP, Apache, HTTP, Ajax, JSON, Selenium(web testing tool), Pod Appy Framework (Report generation for web based software in different file formats),experienced with version control systems(git, bzr, p4) and have also worked in allowing users to organize, view and listen to videos,pictures,etc. while simultaneously interacting with contextual information and services. I also have working experience as a member of the core team of software engineers involved in GIS(map).

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