I've been a web dev for a while, but have also done mobile and desktop. I was primarily a Microsoft developer until 2004, but am now using Python and Django full-time.

I did some early work on Greasemonkey, though I haven't contributed to that in a long while. I've made some contributions to Django as well. I got started fairly early with Django and have been cheering it on for quite a while.

I was tech editor on Django: TDG.

I was CTO for PegasusNews.com, a Dallas-based personalized news site. I'm now in Mountain View, working on Votizen, a tool for reducing the influence of money in politics by making peer-to-peer advocacy more effective.

I'm a constitutional and fiscal conservative but a personal liberal. I'm a proponent for open access to data and knowledge. I'm a fan of the EFF.

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