I'm graduate in Computer Science and a passionate developer and software engineer.

I have strong bases of OO programming and designing.

My favorite programming language is Python but I also have a good knowledge of Java/J2SE.

I spent a lot of time to learn the modern Software Engineering techniques ( like TDD and most exciting Agile techinques ) to improve my approach to the development.

I like to work on my own initiative and as part of a working team; reliable and ever oriented to resolve problems in strict deadlines.

Interested in developing solutions for large organizations, managing big data and I would improve my knowledge about mobile development.

- Languages: C, Java, Javascript, Python, SQL, XML, PHP

- Web Frameworks : Plone, Django, Pyramid, Drupal, Magento, Symphony

- Database technologies : Postgresql, Oracle, MySql

- Server technologies : Apache Nginx

- Development environments : Eclipse, Netbeans, XCode

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