I am an experienced recruitment consultant specialising in Python/Django contract positions.

I have worked in this sector since 2008 and have placed contractors into roles all over the UK and across many industry sectors.

Over the last few years we have had more involvement within the community hosting, organising and attending various events.

The Reading Python Dojo is a nearly monthly meetup held in our offices where local developers come to hone their skills.

The Django User Group London (DJUGL - www.djugl.org) is every couple of months at various locations across the capital. Each time there are a variety of talks and the opportunity to meet other developers.

We have also been to events in Bristol (DBBUG) and to PyCon UK. Going to these meetups is a great chance to get to know people outside of the typical job search environment and gain a better understanding of what we can do to improve our service as a recruitment consultancy.

Feel free to contact me if you are looking for a new role or simply want to know how the market is looking j.gould@austinfraser.com

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