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Spain La Pobla Llarga, Valencian Community


Credit to hackers around the world, from Brazil to Russia, from France to Canada, without whom my career would just not be possible.

- IT professional since 2004, joined Jouve
- IT freelancer since 2007, quited Jouve, moved to live in the countryside of France where I met my fantastic wife
- certified system administrator by University of Illinois in 2008
- Awarded at Open Nordics conference for PHP eXtrem Programing Open Source work on eZ components 2008
- Zeta Components (formerly Apache Software Foundation Zeta Components (formerly eZ Components)) minor contributor
- Django user since 2008 (minor contribution to Django & Pinax, minor contribution to django apps on github)
- musician since 2009 jazz, blues, rock, harmonica, guitar, bass, singing, exotic dancing
- chess player since 2011
- experienced traveler & sailor (multiple crossings on various sailboats)
- cook & gourmet
- father of two
- selftaught: i'm a newbie in everything, but i enjoy everything :)

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