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Aiming for a challenging opportunity in the field of Computer Hardware, Troubleshoot and

Educational Qualification:
• Achieved 57% in Senior Secondary Jodhpur (Commerce Background)
• Achieved 56.77% in Secondary from Adarsh Public School, Jodhpur
• Completed B.A from J.N.V.U Jodhpur

Technical Skills:

Computer Hardware - Computer Installation, (Windows 98,XP, ME, 2000)
Computer Assembling and Repairing (Monitor, D.M. Printer and Mother Board)
Computer Net working – TCP/IP (Switch, Cross, Hub and Wire-less)
Software knowledge - Outlook, Tally, and Computer Basic


1. Completed 3 month Training under S.B. computer Jodhpur.
2. One and half year work with data Solution (Tally Academy) 658, 1st floor, Residency Road, Jaljog Circle, Jodhpur as a Computer Hardware Engineer.
3. Completed training under Golden Computer [Color Monitor Repairing]
4. One year and four month working with Sigma Minerals Ltd. 4 Heavy Industrial Area, Jodhpur as a Computer Hardware Engineer.

Professional Qualification
One Year Diploma in Computer Hardware Assembling Net-Working and Troubleshoot. [Formatting, Installation, and Repairing D.M.P. Ink-Jet printer, SMPS and Color Monitor]
And networking [Networking by Switch, Hub, Cross Cable, Wireless Card and Router
Installation] From G-Tech.
3 Month Basic Electronic Training Under Golden Computer Jodhpur. (Color Monitor and SMPS)

Personal Profile:

Date of Birth : 23rd Jan. 1983
Father’s Name : Sh. K.N.Shaily
Occupation : Government Employee in Indian Railways
Religion : Hindu
Marital Status : Unmarried
Gender : Male
Nationality : Indian

Interest &Activities : Net Surfing


I hereby declare that the information furnished above is true to the best of my knowledge.

Date: 13 /12 /07

Place: Jodhpur

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