I'm Kenny Meyer and I'm a Computer Science student in Paraguay. I'm one of the first pioneers of GNU/Linux movement in Caacupé, a sleeping city in Paraguay, and founded a little workshop to spread some of the Linux philosophy.
Besides I'm a passionate, proficient Python developer.

I started tinkering with (X)HTML and CSS at a very early stage, but recognized soon, that this wouldn't be the future. Static content is /boring/.
So in 2007 I learned JavaScript and combined it together with PHP in personal projects.
In my opinion PHP code is ugly.
So, early 2008 I found Python; it was love at first sight.
What I loved most was the real simple syntax and beautifulness of the code, besides having local and global scopes, which makes doing your job easier the bigger your program grows.

I'm a recent Django developer with little experience, but Django offers an easy API, which is easily to understand and implement, also for a beginner.

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