I love building systems, since the day I made my AMIGA display a pixellated sphere no the screen. "The music of ideas" as said Alan Kay. The closest thing to magic we have, the things that can change the way people work and play.

At the heart of the craft, there are curiosity and smiles.

It is about curiosity, a thirst for knowledge and mastery. Obviously, it has nothing to do about staying up to date, it is about fundamental -often hard- stuff : design, compilers, monads, memory architectures, web stack, etc. Things that stretch and expand your brain.

It is also about the smile one have when you fix his/her workflow and solve his/her problem. And how to communicate efficiently to get a good image of what one needs and what a development team needs to know to work well.

As a former start-up founder, I've learned the importance of delivery and getting things done. I am a fast, versatile learner and used to work on big applications on a tight schedule. In my former venture, I did whatever needed to be done from designing a website to building a daily build system for a very complex app (over 500k SLOC). I love beautiful code and architecture but know how to balance it with the need for delivery.

In a word, I love to work designing/building software. Sorry, can't help it.

PS : Yes, a software is often a website nowadays. Not always but often.

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