Far more a front-end developer (a.k.a. the HTML/CSS guy) than a Django developer, so I'd say I'm a Django noob.

I've worked in a few Django projects (I'll share the links on request, so feel free to contact me), mainly
integrating HTML mockups into Django templates.

I've a good knowledge of Django template tags & filters, and even, I'd say that I've some really advanced tricks under the sleeve that may astound some advanced Django developers.

Of course, from time to time, the geek/nerd inside me tries to write or touch a few lines of Python here and there (urls.py, views.py, forms.py, etc). Sometimes, I've success on those adventures.

So, bottom line: I'm an experienced frond-end developer with a fair amount of experience integrating static mockups with Django.
And I'm always willing to learn new things!

PS: btw, I also have pretty solid knowledge and experience using Git and working in teams.

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