I have 6+ years of experience in building scalable and robust web applications with bleeding edge technologies. My primary concentration is the LAMP stack. I craft high performance web applications with PHP in my day to day work. I have decent expertise in CodeIgniter, Zend Framework, Symfony2, WordPress and the different Social Media APIs (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc) alongside my rapidly progressive front end skills. I am quite good at Javascript and jQuery. I am also interested in HTML5 and CSS3 wizardry!

While most of my work would imply a PHP singularity, I am however comfortable with a wide array of technologies. I have hands on experience with Python, Ruby, Java, C# and Obj-C. I have done small projects using Django, Ruby on Rails, ASP.NET MVC3, WPF, PyQT, GTK etc. frameworks. I have also written applications for Google App Engine, Windows Phone 7 and Android platforms. I have some experience with node.js, PhoneGap and Titanium appcelerator as well.

I am comfortable with MySQL, PostgreSQL and NoSQL DBMS. I have working experience with MongoDb and Redis. Beside them, I have working knowledge of Apache Solr, Sphinx, Gearman and other tools and toys for architecting rock solid applications with optimum performance.

I am a Linux fan, Mac user, Open Source enthusiast, fast learner, early adopter, team guy, explorer, deeply driven and self motivated software craftsman.

At my leisure I contribute to different community efforts and open source projects. I share my codes on Github: https://github.com/masnun/ and maintain a software development focused blog at: http://masnun.me :)

I am open for challenging opportunities in life changing jobs which contribute to a better tomorrow!

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