I came to Django from a 9-month period writing web-portals with Zope, so it was like a breeze of fresh air :)

It has been two years since I did my first "python manage.py runserver" (back at version 0.91), and I've never looked back since then.

Some of the Django web-sites in which I'm involved:

Personal projects
http://djapp.creditlink.ro/bc/ - Bucharest Crime - Mashup of crimes reported by Bucharest police.
http://djapp.creditlink.ro/news/ - MogNews - Romanian news aggregator. Automatic article categorization and clustering.

At work
http://www.autoo.ro - Autoo.ro - Romanian auto add aggregator and vertical search engine for second-hand cars.

http://www.imoo.ro - Imoo.ro - Romanian aggregator for real estate adds

Mihai 's Django portfolio

Django projects Mihai has contributed to

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