my name is Moreno Pinheiro Cunha I'm a software developer with (+7 years) significant experience in python/django web framework, cutting-edge JavaScript frameworks and a pinch of front-end living in Brazil (http://www.morenopc.com/#resume). Also I have a good eye on research, talent to understand complicated technical details and creative (solving problems) mind.

Besides I've been interesting in blockchain, cryptography, web security and distributed ledger technologies research. As well digital identity (like what they have in Estonia): identity proofing, authentication, face recognition and machine learning.

I've worked recently (2017) in the research, creation and development of trustdock.io identity verification service for Japanese market (http://trustdock.io).

Please check http://www.morenopc.com/ personal site, https://www.linkedin.com/in/morenocunha/ and https://github.com/morenopc repositories.

I'm looking for a remote job opportunity.


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