I was born in Córdoba Argentina, and I become a Computer Scientist in March of 2009.

I've been working on the computer science field since 2003, where I become student assistant in the University. Currently I have a professor assistant position.

I've been part of several software development projects, and I worked on a software company for 4 years, performing tasks as developer, chief developer, designer, and team leader.

I'm an expert on Python, Eiffel and C. I have programmed in Java, C++ and Ruby. I have solid knowledges of Django, GTK and GUIs, and experience working with Zope and Plone.

I'm a high-quality, thorough worker. I complete tasks on time, and I love all software related activities (programming, designing, etc.).
I have great skills and verifiable experience as team leader, and I enjoy planning and organizing projects, as well as putting in practice that planning.

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