Paul Doerwald is a professional, freelance Ruby-on-Rails and Django developer located in Toronto Canada. His customers, for-profit and non-profit, hail from around the world. Some of his sites include the 3-time Webby Honoree award-winning, the Pennsylvania Land Trust Association's, the fairness advocate site, and an Oxford University student housing site

Paul has been programming professionally since 1999 after graduating with a Bachelors of Music from Wilfrid Laurier University. He is currently completing a Masters of Software Engineering at the University of Oxford.

Paul is active in the Toronto Ruby and Ruby-on-Rails groups. When possible, he also makes a point of attending the London Ruby Users Group and Oxford Geek Nights. He also attends less geeky events like the Canadian Opera Company and Toronto Symphony Orchestra, which betray his love of music.

On those rare occasions when he's not working, Paul enjoys cooking, fine wine and fine food, and traveling. He also doesn't mind a game of golf, tennis or a bit of sailing. His favourite games are Diplomacy and Scrabble.

Paul is available for contract Rails and Django development work through his company Liquid Media, and he's also interested in innovative and profitable startup business ventures.

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