I've been working as a python programmer for about a year and a half now and django is often my technology of choice, as far as web development is concerned. But I also try to check every interesting new framework or tool I come across, in order to be able to find the best possible solutions to problems that I face as a developer.

Generally, I've had experience in each stage of web development and web apps' deployment: configuring servers, writing backend code, writing frontend code, planning systems' architecture. I've been working in big projects and managing or co-managing small to medium ones. I also have quite a lot of experience in working with customers.

I'm also in the middle on writing my PhD thesis. The topic is "Transitive Closure Operators in Finite Order Logic"... It's basicly Computability Theory and Descriptive Complexity Theory.

Right now I'm workin in a successfull startup called Discourse, which is a complex solution for real time B2B and B2C communication and colaboration. I'm also looking for other interesting business opportunities.

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