Paul runs his own django consulting firm based in San Francisco called plucas technologies. Paul founded plucas technologies with the belief that quality software can come from small teams. Additionally, small teams can develop large, complex applications. His mission is to help businesses gain competitive advantages via quality software. Whether this means an online storefront, point of sale systems, social networking website, or rules engine implementations - technology should enable.

Prior to plucas technologies, Paul served as Director of Engineering at Rex&Co, an innovative investment firm. He was also VP of Engineering at LMI, a business intelligence firm, who was acquired and became the data analytics team for Responsys. He has led software development at large financial institutions as well as small high tech startups. He graduated with a Masters degree from the University of Notre Dame, and received his Bachelors from Tulane University.

He is originally from Washington, DC and currently resides in San Francisco. He enjoys snowboarding and motorcycling.

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