Graduated from SUNY Binghamton with a BS - Comp. Sci. and BA - English.
Four years experience in web application development in NYC. When I first got to the city and started applying for jobs, there were only two Python jobs on Craigslist. Now there are enough to rival anything except PHP. But who'd want to work in PHP?
Other interesting things about me, aside from my virtually useless English degree: I speak Spanish very well. I'm not fluent, because that is supposed to imply native-level proficiency, but I could have a conversation with any Spanish speaker that walked up to me. I'm working on learning German. I can read some, but haven't spent enough time immersed in it.
I'm particularly interested in web technology that help democracy: tools that help citizens have access to information about laws and their impact, tools for political organization, and tools that help demystify financial transactions to provide greater transparency. Hopefully sites like and will provide the basis for the future of empowering digital tools for ordinary citizens throughout the world.

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