I am an experienced and Recruitment consultant (since Jan 2005), I've got to the stage where I am selective about the clients and candidates I work with.

Love working with SME's /Start-up's, as they are passionate, have belief in the company / product and have soul.

Love working with Open Source developers (mainly Python / Django) and everything they strive for - community, inclusiveness, constant learning and sharing of code.

Also have a soft spot for helping Grads into their 1st development roles and opening the doors for people who may not be comfortable opening the doors themselves.

Sometimes I venture into the PHP side of LAMP, or the L side (Sys Admin).

If you are looking for a:
* Role
* Developer
* Ethical recruiter
* View of the market

Please get in touch. Sally.hall@conceptresourcing.com or 07946242525

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