Senior software professional with 20 Years of total experience in Engineering, Management and Development of Software Applications including 12 years of leading my own software consulting company.

• Responsibilities included various stages of development cycle from conceptual implementation of design and development, customer liaison, Installation and maintenance.
• Main expertise is in the Developing Software Systems for Service Industries like Financial, Broadband Cable/ Utility/ Telephone, State/Central Government, Oil Distribution companies and Systems Software Applications. It includes Design Requirements, Software Selection, OOA & D, Project management, Team Leading, Coding, Configuration, Documentation, Implementation and Production Support using various development technologies
• Java /J2EE, Python, C++, C, GWT, Web Servers, Application Servers, Struts/Spring frameworks, Relational Database Servers, Hibernate, GUI Applications, IDEs, Mark-up Technologies, Web Services, JDBC, ODBC.
• Excellent communication, Interpersonal, problem solving skills

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