Sanmat Panigrahi

Sanmat Panigrahi

United States Austin, Texas


Senior software professional with 20 Years of total experience in Engineering, Management and Development of Software Applications including 12 years of leading my own software consulting company.

• Responsibilities included various stages of development cycle from conceptual implementation of design and development, customer liaison, Installation and maintenance.
• Main expertise is in the Developing Software Systems for Service Industries like Financial, Broadband Cable/ Utility/ Telephone, State/Central Government, Oil Distribution companies and Systems Software Applications. It includes Design Requirements, Software Selection, OOA & D, Project management, Team Leading, Coding, Configuration, Documentation, Implementation and Production Support using various development technologies
• Java /J2EE, Python, C++, C, GWT, Web Servers, Application Servers, Struts/Spring frameworks, Relational Database Servers, Hibernate, GUI Applications, IDEs, Mark-up Technologies, Web Services, JDBC, ODBC.
• Excellent communication, Interpersonal, problem solving skills

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