I founded Simple Brands in 2010 with a goal to provide solutions to small businesses and contribute in education technology in South Africa. Apart from my entrepreneurial journey, I am founder the African Youth in Computing and enjoy volunteering and teaching Computing. I have affiliated with many humanitarian organizations both locally and globally. I like to see myself as an agent for change but those who know me say that I "do a lot of things."

I believe in working together with the youth to address the needs of our society and set apart all our differences and live in harmony. I believe in using simple business models and techniques to solve society's pressing needs.

As far as the saying “To an expert even the blade of grass is a potential weapon” goes, I believe that using the smallest bits of resources available we can build and attain huge success. I am of the opinion that anything is possible if you strive to give a hundred per cent in all we are doing. We as the youth are an elite marque to the future, we have all the opportunities in the world to mould, shape and transform the kind of future we want to see ourselves in. We are not only the future but also the present.

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