What to say? I'm a 25 year old hacker who's done a variety of work; I've worn the hats of software engineer, system administrator, network engineer, penetration tester, and web developer. I live in Reno, Nevada near the Northern Sierras, and, yes, I love to snowboard. Reno is great in a lot of ways, and I'm happy to live here.

I'm a rabid fan of Python, and have been using it for about 7 years now. For the past year or so, I've been dabbling in the remarkable spring of Python frameworks of late, and have settled on Django as my 'de facto web tool belt'. I like it for a variety of reasons; however, I do like Pylons as well, and am currently looking for a modest sized project to occupy my time with applying it. ( And it's worth noting that TurboGears is merging with Pylons )

I'm also fluent in C, Perl, Lisp (Scheme, really), Smalltalk, JavaScript, and PHP, along with other, more minor and niche languages. I'm vocal with my criticisms of PHP; the lack of namespaces, the existing, cluttered, global namespace, the usage of builtin functions rather than language semantics as idioms, and more -- it annoys the shit out of me. Still, I can see it's use, and will admit it can be fun to play around with from time to time (although I warn people -- do NOT learn PHP as your first programming language).

Despite my (understandable) loathing of PHP, I tend to scoff at language versus language arguments and their propagators, although I play one on TV. Generally, I prefer to use the "The Right Tool For The Job" -- although, I've figured out, Python is "The Right Tool" 90% of the time. C, Perl one-liners, and bash scripts all have their uses.

I'm also a veteran of both Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom. I spent most of my time on the ground with an aggressive small unit reconnaissance team (I was a 19 Delta), and I'm extremely critical of the Bush Administration.

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