The Next Idea provides international food and restaurant consulting offering advice and consulting in all aspects of restaurant operations, development and management, including, but not limited to: Hiring a Designer, start ups, Marketing, Management, Restaurant Business Plan, Business Planning, Concept Development, start up support, Menu engineering, Cost Control, Culinary Development, Design Trends, Foodservice operations, Operating manuals, Food product manuals, Franchising, Grand Openings, Interior Design, Management Training, Marketing Plans, Marketing Strategy, Menu Design, POS, Promotions, Public Relations, Training, management development cost reduction, and nutritional analysis.

The Next Idea is emerging as one of America’s leading restaurant and hospitality consulting groups, possessing exclusive and unrivalled international coverage. Our unique experience provides rare capability and expertise for any client, given our ability to combine the best elements of some of the most advanced food, leisure and hospitality concepts presently found around the globe. We retain the knowledge, experience, and ability to take account of regional considerations such as local demographics, culture and weather, therefore, our skill set is invaluable when developing uniquely differentiated concepts adopted for a specific market(s).

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