I am an independent software developer and president of my own consulting company, Gumption LLC (http://www.gumption.com).

I was paid for my first "open source" program in 1988:

I've developed high-end digital photography software. I've developed a dot-bomb start-up's web site and done the same for a major US airline. I've developed a custom high-volume service oriented architecture for a major health insurance group.

Yes, I feel dirty.

So now I'm working on the DJ Edna Project (http://www.djedna.org/project/), an open-source digital distribution/e-commerce system for independent musicians and Giftag (http://www.giftag.com/), BestBuy's universal gift registry that runs on Google App Engine. As part of developing Giftag, I also started an open-source project called Gaegene (http://www.gumption.com/blog/gaegene/) which is a set of utilities and mix-in models to help implement common design patterns on GAE.

All are developed using Django. Which feels like taking a shower.

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