Hi there. My name is Ian Lawrence and if you made it this far (hey, this isn't exactly easy to find), it's either because you want something I have or know how to do, need to talk to me about something, or are curious about who I am.

In 1992, I obtained an BA degree from the University of Portsmouth, where I defended my dissertation on recycling strategies.

I started working as a teacher. I then discovered computers and taught myself how to code in ColdFusion. My first contract was at the BBC in London in 2000 and was a disaster. The masochistic side of me kept pushing me on to more contracts and then I found Free Software and Unix, and everything changed. I've been working on both ever since. I've contributed to various free software projects, and I am currently a developer for maemo and Ubuntu Mobile.

I currently maintain the Liferea RSS Reader port to mobile linux handheld devices.I get to speak and do interviews too sometimes.

My main extra-professional interests are Metareciclagem, Bricolabs and the spore we created in Manaus.

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