About Me

Experienced developer with 5 years LAMP, python and django experience seeking additional off site contract work.
Key Skills

* Bachelor of Software Engineering (Hons)
* 1 year time experience with Django
* 2 years experience with Python
* 5 years experience with PHP
* 5 years experience with Postgres/Mysql
* 5 years experience with CSS/HTML (not an interface developer, but I can make modifications to an interface if needed)
* Strong emphasis in good software design with skills in modeling problems (UML/CASE/DFD/e.t.c)
* Strong Engineering principles (strong focus on testing, requirements gathering and SDLC)
* 5 years command line experience with linux/unix systems and ubuntu desktop experience (not a sys admin though).
* 5 years experience SVN (svn expert, can maintain a repository, branches, tags, deployments via SVN exports and resolve merge conflicts with ease)
* Good track record for getting projects across the line

Looking for freelance work

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