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I am Ruel B. Papio I live in Roxas City, Capiz in the Philippines. Right now I am currently employed as UNIX and windows server Administrator in Filamer Christian University. I do software and hardware maintenance of over 246 PCs in a 6-classroom computer laboratory, in addition to my main job of attending to the health of my network. I have a comprehensive experience with Windows-based network objects and UNIX server. I know my way around Windows and/or Linux/BSD with Cisco ISR and switch network appliance systems. I finish cisco networking academy in CCNA Discovery one(1) and CCNA Discovery two(2).

I used to teach CS301 computer architecture, CS321 ā€“ Data Communication and CS322 ā€“ network administration at a our local department in computer studies which I handle all those subject, as well my position as network administrator both network server and network appliance maintenance.

I do most of my work on a PC running [Redhat Enterprise][RH], [OpenBSD] and Iā€™m able to make network firewall running packet filter (pf), data server running (samba), proxy running (squid) and windows server product of microsoft as my local network domain policy in windows XP and VISTA workstation. It was a quick and strong crypto technology service in my network health compliance.

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